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Giving Back

Icon Talks Giving Back


The ICON to ICAN Foundation offers disadvantaged and disabled children the chance to meet and spend time with their ICON. The Foundation coordinates, funds and facilitates the meeting because we believe that providing a platform for children facing these challenges to meet their ICON provides them with significant motivation, encouragement, and inspiration that they CAN overcome their current situation and also be an ICON to others. Meeting their ICON not only uplifts and improves the morale and outlook of children dealing with severe illness and disabilities but it makes their lives better.

Our Mission

To provide mentorship and empowerment programs for disadvantaged and disabled youth to help them overcome physical, social and economic barriers.

The Need

Young people with disabilities are among the poorest and most marginalized of the world’s youth.  Estimates suggest that there are between 180 and 220 million youth with disabilities worldwide (World Health Organization). Attitudes and discrimination linked to disability make it much more difficult for them to go to school, to find work or to participate in social activities.

We know that mentoring can change the course of a young person’s life. Despite the increasing prevalence and importance of mentoring programs for youth in general, few programs are focused on including youth with disabilities.

Mentoring can have a dramatic impact on a young person’s life and because youth with disabilities are more likely to be in certain “at risk” categories, they especially stand to benefit from mentoring. For young people with disabilities, mentoring can positively impact many life goals, such as: succeeding academically, understanding the adult world, developing career awareness, accepting support while taking responsibility, communicating effectively, overcoming barriers, and developing social skills.

Icon to Ican provides the much needed mentorship and skills development programs for disabled youth. Our programs are centered on the premise that mentorship can help cultivate knowledge, increase motivation and help youth develop skills. Our programs are further designed to be a dynamic catalyst for leadership, success and happiness.

Our Programs

Our ICON experience provides kids with the perfect day in which they can be engaged, inspired, and encouraged by the person they look up to the most.

The mentorship program pairs a disabled youth with a successful icon in the industry of the child’s interest. Mentorship is focused on:

  • Education and life skills
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Resources
  • Leadership Development

To recognize and assist disadvantaged graduating seniors as they prepare for college through education and scholarship support.

Focuses on bringing community leaders to local disabled facilities for reading and enrichment activities.

Through partnerships with local pediatric and primary care medical facilities, we provide clothing and canned food for disadvantaged kids.

Refer A Child

To be eligible, a child must be between the ages of 5-18 and must be suffering from a threatening medical condition or severe disability. We receive referrals through our website and because we have programming in various children’s hospitals across the country, we also rely on medical professionals, parents and children themselves for referrals. Before being set up with their ICON, we will have one of our ICAN staffers meet with the child to learn more about their personal story to ensure the meeting with their ICON exceeds all of their expectations and provides great inspiration and encouragement. Our ICON experience provides a child with their perfect day which in essence is a once in lifetime opportunity to learn from, be inspired by and engage with the person they admire and look up to the most.


Your support enables the ICON to ICAN Foundation to improve the lives those who benefit from our platforms and programs.